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Science and Research

Time & History

Category E-Learning
Platform PC, MAC
Application VR Documentary
Time & History is a curated catalog of educational and documentary VR Experiences that bring the world to your home. T&H covers VR documentaries about destroyed or far away places, historical events and exciting touristic attractions.
Making history and current events accessible through VR with virtual museums and interactive exhibitions: Time & History lets you experience remote, destroyed or hard-to-reach places of historical relevance for people from all over the world to visit and learn from.

We create elaborate VR documentaries and simulations for TIME & HISTORY, a curated directory of educational VR experiences that bring the world to your home.

Our CGI animations and virtual simulations are featured in media formats like scientific magazines and TV documentaries. Contact us or visit TIME & HISTORY to learn more about our documentary projects and research services.

Historically Authentic

Historically Authentic

We work with renowned historians, scientists and organisations to guarantee historical authenticity. The series launched in 2023 with two exclusive titles: DOKUMENTATION FÜHRERBUNKER and ARCTIC MELTDOWN. While the first project focuses on the horrors of the 'Third Reich', ARCTIC MELTDOWN addresses the threat of climate change.

“The project aims to help ensure that historical mistakes and the human catastrophes of the WW2 era are not forgotten.”