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Product Communication


Category Marketing
Platform PC VR
Application VR Showroom
The Shard, London, Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, the Eye, Amsterdam: As a specialist for large, seamless and visually smooth ceilings with acoustically insulating features, Switzerland based BASWA AG is involved in many exciting construction projects.
BASWA offers a wide array of products for ceiling construction and peripherals: thermal regulation, invisible loudspeakers, acoustic and thermal insulation, lighting systems etc. To optimally present the components to customers and architects, BASWA utilizes a virtual showroom developed by NORD XR.

We develop Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences with BEAMFORGE, our proprietary XR SDK, which we have been continually developing and expanding since 2018.

As an UNREAL ENGINE based, multi-platform framework for XR configurators, interactive experiences and simulations, BEAMFORGE has everything you’ll ever need for immersive product communication.

Endless Possibilities.

Endless Possibilities.

The VR showroom offers virtual simulations of ceiling systems,  presentations of the flush-mounted loudspeakers including visualizations of the structure, physical simulation of the acoustics with and without insulation systems, simulation of thermal regulations and presentations of integrated lighting systems etc.

To have all these features presented physically, one would have to drive at least a small truck to get all the samples aboard, while thanks to the purely virtual showroom, only a single, compact case is needed to present the company’s full product range on site.
Minimalist Sphere.

Minimalist Sphere.

To create this almost photorealistic VR showroom, our team relied on UNREAL ENGINE and our proprietary XR development platform BEAMFORGE to design a minimalist 'Whiteroom' where the components of BASWA AG are in focus.

Furnished with only two Barcelona chairs, a distraction-free, light-flooded VR showroom was created that met the demands of our customer without being intrusive.